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Structural Characteristics of Material Automatic Feeding Device for Magnetic Reactor

Date:Apr 22,2017
The automatic feeding device of the magnetic reactor has a bracket, the silo is fixed on the bracket, the upper part of the silo is provided with a feed inlet, and a feeder is arranged at the bottom of the silo. The feeding device also includes a temperature measuring device, Measuring the temperature inside the reactor; and the discharge control device for comparing the temperature measured by the temperature measuring device with the set temperature of the reaction vessel and controlling the operation of the feeder according to the comparison result. Magnetic material reactor automatic feeding device can be based on the reaction temperature in the reactor for real-time tracking and feeding, the material is not easy to agglomerate, feeding uniform, accurate measurement, suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical fields need to add powder materials in the process to promote the application.
The upper side wall of the reactor is equipped with a ring-shaped annular waterproof retaining ring with a channel, and the annular waterproof protective ring has a concrete concrete protective layer on each side. A number of drains are connected at the lower end of the annular waterproof retaining ring. The reactor water retaining ring protection device can effectively prevent the liquid and the reactor from contact with the waterproof protection ring to reduce the liquid on the reactor and waterproof protection at the corrosion, improve the life of the reactor and waterproof retaining ring. The discharge protection device of the magnetic reactor includes a cylinder, a discharge port provided on the lower side of the cylinder, a butt joint provided at the center end of the upper end of the cylinder, and an air outlet formed in the end face of the cylinder, And a resilient washer is provided on the upper end face of the columnar floating body, and the other end of the butt is connected to the bottom of the columnar floating body. Excessive protection device, not only temporary overflow, but also in a certain range to prevent overflow, feedback control feeding device or alarm signal.

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