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Requirements and Development Trend of Magnetic Production Reactor for Chemical Production

Date:Apr 22,2017
1, magnetic reactor large volume, which is to increase production, reduce the quality of mass production between the error, reduce the cost of effective ways and development trends. Dye production with magnetic reactor domestic more than 6000L, other industries up to 30m ³; foreign dye industry has 20000 ~ 40000L, while other industries up to 120 m³.
2, magnetic reactor stirrer, has been developed from a single agitator to use a double agitator or external pump forced circulation. Abroad, in addition to equipped with a stirrer, the magnetic reactor body is still rotating along the horizontal line, thereby increasing the reaction rate.
3, to produce automation and continuous replacement of bulky gap manual operation, such as the use of program control, can guarantee stable production, improve product quality, increase revenue, reduce physical labor, but also to eliminate environmental pollution.
4, the magnetic reactor to rational use of heat, select the best operating conditions, strengthen the insulation measures to improve the heat transfer efficiency, so that heat loss to a minimum, heat or heat generated after the reaction is fully integrated. The application of heat pipe technology will be the future development direction.

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