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Accurate control of the temperature characteristics of magnetic reactor

Date:Apr 22,2017
The use of Sheng Ze physical and chemical rapid cooling system products to achieve a precise control of the reaction temperature of magnetic reaction characteristics are as follows:
1, magnetic reactor with cooling plate switch, heat transfer area, the rate of cooling quickly, the demand for thermal fluid is relatively small. Machine thermal fluid demand about 4L ~ 8L
2, the whole cycle is closed, low temperature will not absorb the water vapor; extend the life of the thermal fluid.
3, with self-diagnostic function, freezer overload protection, high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection devices and other security functions, and fully guarantee the use of security;
4, the temperature adaptive control to adapt to the control system in the control process (such as chemical reaction process) in the process, the continuous adjustment of PID parameters to give the best control of the process temperature and response time, this process is through the effective multi-directional Measuring the temperature, temperature changes and temperature changes to achieve the rate.
6, with the function of correcting the outer circulation and the internal circulation temperature probe PT100.
7, the use of CFC-free and HCFE refrigerant.
8, precise control of the speed of chemical reactions.
9, the use of low cost
10, magnetic reactor function SUNDI series of non-linear and linear temperature jump function. Each step of the program includes control of the outer loop program, which is controlled by the controller computer.
11, automatic diagnosis and system monitoring function (SUNDI series through the T EMI5.7 inch touch screen controller, the computer to monitor and display detailed system information can monitor and display all the information such as heating rate.
12, touch screen controller: you can choose to display information. Real-time chart shows real-time jacket temperature or magnetic reactor temperature, showing real-time changes in the curve and safety information. Color screen, detailed menu and detailed self-diagnosis system are available. The device can be controlled with a touch screen hotkey or program number.

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