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Magnetic reactor stirrer use precautions

Date:Apr 22,2017
Magnetic reactor stirrer Note: Temperature measurement probe into the solution height should be appropriate, do not make the rotor collision probe to prevent damage. After the measurement is completed, the probe should be cleaned. 70 ℃ above continuous heating shall not exceed 2 hours. Turn the timing switch should not be too fast too fast, so as not to damage the parts.
If the stirrer is not synchronized, or if it is not running, the power supply should be cut off. Check whether the bottom of the container is flat and add to the pot. Magnetic reactor position is correct, whether there are abnormal debris into the machine stuck the mixing head. Heating time is generally too long, the gap can be used to extend the life of the machine. To protect the safety, to prevent electric shock, magnetic reactor, please use the three-pin safety socket on the ground.

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