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Reasons for Heating Crack of Stainless Steel Laboratory Reactor

Date:Apr 22,2017
Stainless steel laboratory reactor heating crack causes: electric heating laboratory reactor welding in the process of thermal cracking caused by a lot of process factors, such as joint form, process specifications, preheating temperature, structural stiffness and workpiece clamping conditions and so on The impact of the weld resistance to thermal cracking have a certain impact. Welding process and specification. The use of high current, rapid welding, single-layer welding, straight line forward, etc., easily lead to welding stress process measures will lead to hot cracks. So when the conditions permit, should try to use a small current, multi-layer welding, in order to reduce the tendency of hot cracks. Welding structure of the larger stiffness of the workpiece, often used preheating method. Electric heating reactor preheating on the one hand can reduce the cooling rate, slow down the tensile stress generated in the cooling process, on the other hand can also improve the crystallization conditions, reduce the chemical and physical heterogeneity. The preheating temperature depends on the chemical composition and the structural stiffness of the steel.
The higher the carbon content of the steel, the more the other alloying elements, the greater the work stiffness, the higher the preheating temperature is required. Pipeline stainless steel laboratory reactor working principle Pipeline stainless steel reactor is used for continuous production or recycling of high-performance reactor materials processing equipment, high-speed rotation of the rotor to produce a strong axial suction material into the cavity, the material was Forced through the laboratory reactor with a multi-level multi-layer stator and rotor clearance, thrown from the stator hole, to withstand the severe reactor mechanical and hydraulic shear, the laboratory reactor in the shortest possible time on the Materials are dispersed, sheared and emulsified. Particle size distribution range significantly narrowed, which can be fine, batch no difference between the stable product.

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