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Magnetic reactor heating and cooling temperature control system precautions

Date:Apr 22,2017

Note: The liquid circulation of the entire stainless steel magnetic reactor system is closed, and the system is equipped with an expansion vessel, the expansion vessel and the liquid circulation are adiabatic, it does not participate in the liquid circulation, but only the mechanical The temperature of the medium in the expansion vessel must be less than 60 degrees, regardless of whether the temperature of the liquid circulation of the stainless steel magnetic reactor is high or low. The whole liquid circulation is a closed system, there is no water vapor absorption at low temperature, there is no oil mist at high temperature, the thermal oil can be a wide working temperature; the same machine, the same thermal medium can achieve -100 degrees to 200 degrees control temperature. Cooling capacity of 1KW ~ 80KW range, the entire circulatory system does not use mechanical and electronic valves.

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