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Magnetic reactor stirrer is ready for use

Date:Apr 22,2017

The magnetic reactor stirrer should be plugged in when used, placing the vessel containing the solution in the middle of the heating plate and placing the rotor in the solution of the vessel. Magnetic reactor power, light, and then adjust the speed knob clockwise, the speed from slow to fast, transferred to the required speed, the rotor rotation to drive the solution for mixing operation. When heating, insert the temperature probe into the solution and insert the plug into the rear seat of the stirrer. Adjust the temperature knob to the desired temperature. Solution temperature accuracy requirements are accurate, the need to use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the solution, and then adjust the temperature knob to achieve the required temperature. Need to heat, as long as the temperature adjustment knob can be adjusted to room temperature below. Need to control the magnetic reactor operating time, the magnetic reactor time switch clockwise rotation to the required temperature position, when the magnetic reactor power light, the instrument is in working condition, when the timer switch automatically to the starting position, the magnetic force The reactor is automatically stopped.

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