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Characteristics and working principle of autoclave

Date:Apr 28,2017
The autoclave consists of reaction vessel, magnetic drive stirrer, electric heating furnace, safety rupture disc, needle valve, control box and other components. Do you understand the characteristics and working principle of the autoclave? The following is simple to introduce:
The autoclave has the characteristics of smooth operation, low noise, easy operation and so on. It is an ideal device for users to carry out various chemical reaction tests. Can be divided on the material, the next two ways. The autoclave is the ideal solution for a variety of mixing reactions in the laboratory. Shaft sleeve with self-lubricating graphite, ceramic, PTFE filled with carbon fiber and other materials, suitable for a variety of materials in different reaction conditions for stirring reaction.
The reaction equipment of the autoclave refers to a pressure vessel, such as a reactor, a polymerization vessel, and various reaction vessels, which are mainly used for the completion of physical and chemical reactions.
The structure of the magnetic stirrer autoclave is characterized by: The autoclave is composed of pot body, lid, stirrer, jacket, support and transmission device, shaft seal and so on. The material and opening can be made according to the user's process requirements. Heating in the form of electric heating, oil heating, gas heating, water heating (or cooling), open fire and so on.
Through Xiaobian the above description, you are not on the autoclave have a further understanding of it, if you have our products in various needs, welcome to contact us, we will be first-class service to meet your needs.

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