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Caustic caverns

Writer:烟台荣盛压力容器Date:Apr 28,2017
I operated the high-quality hydrogenation kettle, is an important chemical machinery products, widely used, the following describes the causticers caution
1, the general industrial hydrogenation reactor to withstand a certain pressure, but to do hydrogenation, generally to pressure.
2, if the small test, it is best to use pressure stainless steel kettle, if the stainless steel kettle on the catalyst, then, to the kettle lined with tetrafluoroethane.
Small test or pilot in the replacement of hydrogen can channel pool, the general chemical plants have a pool, must be a clear pool, put the hydrogen when the slow release, and finally pumping some, in the red nitrogen replacement.
3, the catalyst if the palladium carbon carbon, then put into the wet place will not catch the fire. To the hydrogenation reactor plus when the fast to join and then add the solution used in the reaction, do not wait.
4, hydrogenation reactor reaction after the end of the discharge must be cooled, so that after the release of hydrogen, nitrogen exhaust gas, and then pressure filter. Recovery catalyst.
If you need to heat pumping, then we must put the hydrogen row in the over-pressure filter. The catalyst is rinsed with a solvent and sealed.
5, the general pilot used in the catalyst will be used until the activity is not, rarely done once removed, only need to be activated when the catalyst removed, so do not worry too much about the risk of the catalyst.

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