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How to buy the mixing device

Date:Apr 26,2017
How to buy the mixing device
Select the mixing device before the first to understand the classification of the blade, the first blade by the mixing structure can be divided into flat leaves, folding leaves, curved leaf spiral leaves and so on.
In the usual production process can be based on their own use of materials can be divided into low viscosity fluid, high viscosity fluid two
1, low viscosity of the material can be used to promote the propellant, paddle, turbine, plate and palm-style Bromma gold and so on. Low viscosity homogeneous liquid mixing, is the most difficult of a stirring process, only when the volume is large and requires a very short time to mix time is more difficult. Because the propulsion type is strong and the power consumption is less, it is the most common. The turbo type because of its power consumption, although a high shear capacity, but for the mixing process is not much necessary, so if used in large-capacity liquid mixing, the cycle capacity is insufficient.
For the decentralized operation process, the turbine has a high shear force and a large circulation capacity, so the most common, especially the straight blade turbine shear force than the folding and bending of the shear force, it is more appropriate. The propeller type is available only because its shear force is smaller than that of the flat blade turbine, so it can only be used when the liquid dispersion is small, and the slurry type is rarely used for the dispersion operation. Dispersion operation has a baffle to enhance the shearing effect.
2, for high viscosity of the material can be used anchor, frame, serrated disc, propeller type, ribbon and so on. The solid suspension operation is the largest in the range of turbo type, where the turbine type is the best. It does not have the middle of the disc part, will not hinder the blade up and down the liquid phase mixing, and the advantages of curved leaves open the turbine more prominent, it is good discharge, the blade is not easy to wear, so for the solid suspension operation is more appropriate. Propulsion of the use of a narrow range, the difference between solid and liquid bulk or solid-liquid ratio of 50% or more when not applicable. When using the baffle, care should be taken to prevent the accumulation of solid particles on the corners of the baffles. General solid liquid is relatively low, only with the baffle, and folding leaves open the turbine, propulsion has axial flow, so you can not baffle.
The gas absorption process is most suitable for a disc turbine, and its shear force is strong, and the bottom of the disc can store some gas, so that the gas is more smooth, and the turbine does not have this advantage. The slurry and propulsion processes are substantially unavoidable for the gas absorption process and are only applicable if the amount of the gas to be absorbed is small. The crystallization process with stirring is very difficult, especially when the crystal size is strictly controlled. Generally small diameter fast mixing, such as turbo type, suitable for fine grain crystallization, and large diameter slow mixing, such as pulp, can be used for large crystal crystals.
Good reaction mixing device selection method is to choose the results are reasonable, the method is simple, but these two points are often difficult to exist at the same time, so we aim at the purpose of the reactor mixing operation to analyze the mixing needs to be achieved, on the basis of According to the purpose of mixing to select the reactor in the form of mixing and achieve the best results.
The use of various types of pulp is overlapping, for example, because of its simple structure, with the baffle can improve the flow pattern, so the low viscosity is also more common application. The turbulence due to its convective circulation capacity, turbulence diffusion and shear force are strong, almost the most widely used a slurry type.
    According to the purpose of the mixing process and the flow caused by the agitator to determine the process of the slurry type, which is a more commonly used method
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