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Magnetic seal reactor

Date:Apr 25,2017
Magnetic seal reactor
Magnetic sealing reactor is characterized by a static seal to replace the traditional packing seal and mechanical seal, in order to achieve the entire reactor in the static state of the work. Therefore, it is more suitable for a variety of toxic, flammable, explosive and other highly permeable chemical medium stirring reaction, petrochemical, organic synthesis, pharmaceutical, food and other processes for curing, fluoride, hydrogenation, oxidation The most ideal reaction equipment.
Magnetic sealing device is driven by the motor reducer to rotate the outer steel body, the external steel body through the magnetic field lines to drive the sealing body of the internal steel body rotation, thereby driving the stirring shaft and stirring blade rotation, to achieve the purpose of mixing. In order to ensure the normal operation of the magnetic stirrer, the magnetic stirrer is provided with a cooling water jacket or air-cooled device. When used, it is necessary to pass cooling water between the cooling water jacket to reduce the temperature and ensure that the magnetic material of the magnetic stirrer is not demagnetized. According to the different reaction medium to choose a different stirring blade, to fully stir the contents of the role of the kettle.
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