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Self - priming agitator

Date:Apr 27,2017
Self - priming agitator
Self-priming stirrer is my company in absorbing the advantages of foreign blender, after numerous different forms of different structures of the experiment. Independent research and development of the utility model stirrer.
Principle: Self-priming mixing shaft is a hollow hole with a central hole, the above cloth has a number of suction port, suction port located in the kettle above the liquid level, the outlet within the liquid level. Self-priming stirrer with a cavity, each cavity with the central hollow shaft has a pore connected, when the open mixing, stirring shaft operation, the cavity of the material centrifugal is thrown out of the cavity, the cavity to form a high vacuum A negative pressure is generated so that the gas above the liquid level is sucked into the liquid surface and uniformly dispersed, and the large air bubbles pass through the shearing force of the blade to produce many small bubbles and are in sufficient contact with the material. To achieve the effect of self-absorption mixing.
Self-priming stirrer is very suitable for gas self-priming and in the dispersion, suitable for catalytic hydrogenation, oxidation, deep aeration gas, liquid, solid mass, self-priming ability, can increase the gas, liquid, solid reaction Speed, improve product yield, shorten the reaction time.
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