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Air cooled reactor

Date:Apr 27,2017
Air cooled reactor
Air-cooled reactor for my company independent research and development of new products in the traditional magnetic seal reactor on the basis of improved innovation, improved not only improve the efficiency of the reactor, but also greatly improve the service life of the equipment.
Magnetic seal cooling form: the use of air-cooled, changed the old-fashioned water-cooled form, advantages and disadvantages are as follows:
① water cooling seal the internal magnet is easy to produce scale, corrosion magnet, the service life of up to 3-4 years;
② circulating cooling water pipes also produce rust, rust precipitation in the bottom of the seal easy to rub the magnet, reducing the life of the magnet;
③ water cooling sealed winter or a long time do not have to clean the water to remove the water jacket, or easy to freeze or fouling damage to the magnet, resulting in rust failure rust, easy to burn the motor;
④ air cooling without connecting the cooling water, and air cooling can effectively solve the shortcomings of the internal structure of water-cooled seal, air-cooled cooling for my company's newly developed products, technology is mature, and get a lot of users praise.
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